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Spiritual devotional for those seeking the life designed for them


About the  Rev. 2:10 Blog

This blog is inspired by one of my favorite Bible verses, Revelations 2:10. I think it is more insightful to show the journey than to display the rewards. Endurance and perseverance are two key traits that can help you achieve just about anything in life. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to guide others.  The blog not meant to be preachy, sermons. This a journal my thoughts and revelation as I live my life.  I hope this can be useful to Christians and non-Christians alike.   This is my journey, good or bad it can serve as your guide.

“…But if you remain faithful even when facing death, I will give you the crown of life.” – Revelations 2:10

About Me

Left to right: my wife (Timeka), daughters (McKenzie and Chloe), and me (the bald guy).


My name is Von. Husband, Father of 2, lover of pro wrestling, business and cuisine. I’m not a pastor or a minister. I am just a Christian who enjoys studying and understanding the Word of God and I truly find the Bible interesting.  I believe that sharing my faith is one of the vehicles of my purpose. So for me, this blog and anything that may come from it is apart of my assignment. I am a partner at Spirit of Faith Christian Center. My pastors are Dr. Michael and Dee Dee Freeman. If you’re in the DC metro area and looking for Bible-believing, Bible-teaching pastors. I encourage you to come out for visit.