Reference: Psalm 44:6 NIV

I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory;

My Thoughts
Ask the best basketball players, the deadliest snipers, the most prolific golfers about the their favorite shots and they probably will tell you about these high pressure situations in which they knew they hit the mark before it hit the mark. They will likely be unconsciously untruthful. The truth is they knew the shot was made before they took the shot, that’s why they took it. That pressure shot wasn’t made in the moment the shooter shot it; it was made when they decided to practice and prepare to shoot it. 

The pursuit of purpose is difficult because it usually starts with unusual circumstances, tools and environments. Additionally, we put our trust in the tools. Discipline is defined as “systematic training”. I believe that God begins the journey of purpose with the seemingly unusual because He is teaching a lesson in trust. I need to trust the one who provides the weaponry, the one who defeats the adversary, the one who declared victory long before the battle began.