Reference: Psalm 37:13 NIV

… but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.

My Thoughts
If the Spirit of Christ lives in me. God the Son, God on earth, then in His Spirit he understood not only what God wanted from Him but also how God expected Him to act. He didn’t just carry out God’s orders, He was God. That Spirit didn’t ascend back to Heaven with Jesus, He left it, in full, with me. I am not only an agent of Heaven but I am the living breathing embodiment of God. My life must be that Spirit encarnate. 

Just as plentiful are the images and temptations of sin, so too are the examples of God: Jesus’ life, Jesus’ words, God’s instructions, God’s words, God’s reputation, testimony of the followers of God, the life of those that don’t follow God, and the Holy Spirit. There seems to a Eden for every Sodom and Gomorrah.