I’m always look for a good improvement tactic (gift and curse). Around August 2016, I really started to dig into the various areas of my life. This coincided with trying to do my most meaningful activities at the top of the day. I know there was some hot article at the time but I can’t remember a specific one sticking out.

I wrote down all the things I thought was important to life, then consolidated everything into “lanes”, seven lanes. I then, listed all the daily activities, six month goals, one year goals and dream states of each lane. I color-coded each lane built a spreadsheet. 

1. God







I wrote out daily activities and long-term goals for each lane:

  • Daily activities
  • Six month goals
  • One year goals
  • Dream state

Identifying these lanes has been beneficial. They are all interconnected and must stay in balance. It has shown me that I have a lot to improve on in every lane. The balance of short and long term goals,  daily activities and dream states make success tangible (and failure preventable). 

In the comments, tell me what your life lanes are and how do you manage them.