Reference: Job 42:10‭ MSG

After Job had interceded for his friends, God restored his fortune—and then doubled it!

My Thoughts

Job 42 shows the full spectrum of the goodness of God. Job “thought”  his life was perfect, then when adversity struck, he lost sight of the One who brought forth the great life and forgot all that God “is” capable of. So it’s one thing to have your awesome life restored, but to have it doubled better than before?! That’s just God showing off.  In business terms, that’s great marketing, brand recognition and customer service. God needs no help to be great but He does need strong, unmoved faith-driven evangelists to draw people into Him.  Word of mouth of His greatest is to great tool. 

No matter what age or what condition, my life can always be better.  I will be mindful that good or bad, nothing is more important than keeping my eyes fixed on God. He has the perfect track record and He loves to show off and spoil those that are not easily distracted.