During one Sunday service, my pastor gave me a “nugget” into how he stays in the proper mindset. He created a collage of pictures of people who’s mindset he wishes to emulate. He says he uses it similarly to how we use a mirror to check our outfit before leaving the house. Definitely a concept worth emulating. Anytime someone I look up to or aspire to live like offers a glimpse into their process, I take note, take stock and implement immediately. 

I think he said he has about 10-12 people on his board. I didn’t realize how extremely hard it would be to narrow my list down. At one point, I had close to 30 names! Deep breath, allowed Holy Spirit to guide me, I narrowed my field by categories that was the most important to me: spiritual development, business, music and community. That helped, got the list down, created a photo collage, printed one out hung it up by my bed. 

For the first couple of days, when I was just staring in awe. I felt a little pressure; expectations to live up to these great men and women. The problem was I wasn’t sure, I was setting my mindset properly to handle the day. So I gather my favorite quotes from each person and I planned to recite them every day but Holy Spirit told me to take those quotes and turn them into questions. 

Here’s my list: 

1. Barack & Michelle Obama: How am I going to make change today? What is trying to stop me from making change today?

2. Ben Franklin: What good will I do today? 

3. Bill Gates: How can I be more effective? Is my effectiveness as efficient as it can be? 

4. Frederick Douglass: What can I agitate in my world today? 

5. Jay-Z: What’s my next move?

6. Jimmy Iovine: What am I excited about today? 

7. Joyce Meyer: Does what I’m doing (or not doing) matter to God?

8. Martin Luther King Jr. : What am I doing for others? 

9. Dr. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman: What is the promise that I’m focused on? How would my teachers think in this situation?

10. Seth Godin: What am I capable of? 

11. TD Jakes: What decisions do I control? What decisions are already made? 

12. Warren Buffet: Am I focused on the current score or the playing field? 

Conclusion: Mindset is the key to properly responding to the events each day presents and having the life that God designed for you. I recommend using this tactic or another that helps you take on the mind of successful people. 

In the comments, tell me who your mindset mentors are.