On my list of “101 Things to do in 1001 days” (I’ve past 1001 days but I’m still committed, lol), one thing was to “only drink water for a month”. Sounded good at the time, but didn’t strategize how I would accomplish this. Then it hit me some time after my fast in January. I’ve been fasting for three days the last two months. If I fast every month for three days, I would have fasted for over a month.  From a health standpoint, 36 days of water only should help my efforts to drop 50 lbs. 

Here’s my tentative schedule and the themes I’ll be focusing on:

(DONE)  January: 14th-16th (Empathy) 

February: 20th-22th (Love) 

March: 7th-9th (Gratitude) 

April: 13th-15th (Discipleship) 

May: 15th-17th (Business) 

June: 8th-10th (Fatherhood) 

July: 4th-6th (Marriage) 

August: 15th-17th (New Beginnings) 

September: 20th-22th (Parenthood) 

October: 4th-6th (Marriage) 

November: 20th-22th (Gratitude) 

December: 28th-30th (2018)