Reference: Luke 16:10 AMPC

He who is faithful in a very little [thing] is faithful also in much, and he who is dishonest and unjust in a very little [thing] is dishonest and unjust also in much.

My Thoughts:

The value I see in my work won’t much change from when I’m the janitor to when I’m the CEO. Because vision changes scenery.  It’s like my childhood imagination with toys, I have to use my current platform as if it was my dream platform.  My effort is a representation of my vision. My vision will take my feet in the direction of fulfillment.  My efforts will attract more of that, so if my efforts as a janitor are that of a CEO, I’ll attract CEO type attention. The time in between is inconsequential, the law formulaic. It changes my mindset about the cliché, “What you see is what you get.”